Top 5 Richest Black Men In The World 2017

As far as world is becoming modern, black people are also becoming competitive in every platform. Either it is a film industry, jobs or in business, you can easily find them somewhere in the List of toppers of any kind of industry. From past 10 years, they have changed their representation by developing so fast and many have become the world’s famous black billionaires. Besides males, black ladies are also no less than behind; their names are also emerging along with their male counterparts. However, here, we will talk about Top 5 richest black men in the World.

Before discussing that, I am putting some valuable information for the readers that Mansa Musa, an African king of 14th century, was the first black billionaire and the richest black man in history, his net worth was $400 Billion at that time.

Accoring to Forbes there are 1810 Billionaires in the world and out of them 12 are black.

Richest Black Men in The World:

Aliko Dangote:

He is a 59-year old black man from Nigeria, was born on 10th April 1957. He is the richest black man in the world and the richest person in Africa having the net worth of $14.4 Billion. Aliko Dangote is the founder and CEO of Dangotte Group which is the biggest multinational group of industries and highest supplier of sugar  and refinery in Nigeria. He has some other businesses also i.e. cement, sugar, flour. In 2014, he was ranked as the 23rd richest man of the world. Aliko Dangote is also known as a Cement Tycoon of Africa.

richest black men in the world

Mike Adenuga:

He is also a Nigerian standing as the 2nrd richest person in Africa, was born on 29th April, 1957. Mike started his business at the age of 26 by trading coca cola and lace. Later, he started investing in Oils and Telecoms. His Telecom Company named Globacom is Nigeria’s 2nd biggest telecom company. His total Net worth is $9.9 Billion.

richest black men in the world

Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Ali Almoudi:

He is from Arabian father and an Ethiopian mother is the standing as the 3rd wealthiest African among the richest black people. He was born in Ethiopia and living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Sheikh’s source of income is oil refineries and gold mines and his net worth is about $10.9 Billion. He is also standing as Ethiopia’s richest person.

richest black men in the world

Robert Smith:

Robert Smith is the 54 years old American investor and businessman. He is standing as the richest black man in America and is on number 4th position of the list of richest black men in the world. Robert Smith is a successful investor having total worth of $2.5 Billion.

richest black men in the world

Femi Otedola:

He is a Nigerian businessman having net worth of $1.8 Billion, Standing as the 5th wealthiest black man in the world and 3rd richest man in Nigeria. His source of wealth is 500+ Gas stations in Nigeria.

richest black men in the world



Summing the discussion, it becomes clear that the black people are also sharing their part in this globalized world. Some of the aforementioned names have prestigious positions in the business community.


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